Work With Me

There are several ways to work with me to enhance your leadership abilities and optimize your team’s ability to achieve results.

Individual Coaching

Individual executive coaching opens you to deep insights about yourself, your strengths, and your mission so you develop as a person and a leader. It’s empowering and enlightening to have a confidential mentor by your side as you take your next steps into personal and team transformation. There are several packages available for short- or long-term development for yourself and/or members of your team.

Executive Coaching

This package provides ultimate growth and transformation, as you delve into your strengths and motivations to unfold your potential for leadership at a higher level. It includes several assessments to discern your instincts and purpose, and six to 12 months of coaching to achieve your stated goals successfully. There are two coaching sessions per month plus email access and self-directed assignments to rapidly expand your developing skills.

90-Day Intensive

Designed for executives recently (or soon-to-be) promoted to larger responsibility and higher visibility, this intensive coaching program includes weekly sessions for 12 weeks. The focus is on developing powerful strategies to get early wins, earn respect of colleagues, teams and higher authorities, and step into your greater self.

Leadership Foundations Packages

Enlightened awareness of self and others is a key trait for leaders. Begin your leadership development program with one of these short-term coaching programs.

1. Know Your M.O.

· Gain deep understanding of your mental energy and how it relates to effective action;

· Deeply grasp why some activities energize you and others drain you;

· Learn how to manage your own “doing” energy and relate to others who are different;

· See how your natural talents are expressed or limited in your current role.

· Includes two Kolbe indexes, coaching reports and 3 hours of individual coaching.

2. Your M.O. in Action

· Includes all the Know Your M.O. reports and activities, plus;

· One more index that reveals your prime motivations and values;

· How your motivations and ways of doing show up in your work and life;

· How to focus and direct your energies to achieve what’s most important to you.

· Includes two Kolbe indexes, top 5 Strengthsfinder and 5 hours of individual coaching.

3. Synergy for Two

· Achieve new understanding and collaboration with one significant other (spouse, partner, colleague, peer, employee, roommate, …)

· Gain insight into how your ways of doing affect each other, and how to communicate more effectively;

· Learn how to increase cooperation and decrease tension/stress in this relationship;

· Develop skills for working together better and more enjoyably.

· Includes two Kolbe indexes and several detailed reports for each of you, plus 6 hours of coaching (4 hours together and 1 hour each individually).

Team Synergy Workshops

Teams get outstanding results when they understand each other, trust each other, and are empowered to unleash their combined strengths. Our workshops facilitate insight and cooperation among team members so they communicate more effectively and naturally align tasks with talents.

  • Workshops are customized to team’s needs, so can be short- or long-term;
  • Team members get eye-opening insights into themselves and their teammates;
  • Workshops consist of combinations of team exercises and individual coaching;
  • Observation of existing team dynamics and feedback are often included;
  • Leaders and teams learn to work more effectively together, be more creative, improve problem-solving, and create successful results.