Get Your Free Copy of 3 Keys to Leading Teams Successfully Through Radical Change Here

Get Your Free Copy of 3 Keys to Leading Teams Successfully Through Radical Change Here

Susan’s leadership philosophy is simple:

it’s about empowering people and unleashing their desire to do something great.

She believes people are talented, resourceful, and want to make a difference and an impact in their environments.

She is inspired to help leaders UNLEASH HUMAN POTENTIAL IN THE WORKPLACE through focused awareness, ability, and action.

She has decades of experience in leading teams to greatness, and the insight to help other leaders do the same.

The vast majority of leaders today were catapulted into their roles with no training, coaching or preparation of any kind. It’s no wonder that almost 70 percent of employees today are disengaged in their jobs.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Susan employs proven methods to help leaders at every level learn how to light up their teams and unleash the massive human potential that’s longing to be expressed.

We use a number of proven assessment tools to give our clients deep insights into themselves, their teams, their peers, and their leaders. These tools provide ongoing touchstones for learning, practice, and development that create better results, fast.

Susan’s clear prescriptions for improving clarity and leadership resonated well with our audience; she left us wanting more.

Sarah Magglelet
Templeton CA, Women in Business

Susan presents with energy and humor; we got exellent feedback from our workshop attendees.

Stacey Aragon

Mission Community Services Corporation

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